Kidology UK 2014

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Balloon Competition Rules.
Anyone attending the KidologyUk Convention this year will be eligible to take part – free of charge!
The rules will be relatively simple. Having put down your name for the competition you will , on the day, be provided with a bag of balloons. A balloon kit if you like. Every one will contain the same balloons and colours. They will be
20 x 260q --2 Blush -3 White -3 pink - 2 Black - 2 Red - 2 Yellow - 2 Mocha - 1 Lime Green - 1 Pale Blue - 1 Orange

10 x 350Q - 3 Black - 3 White - 1 Lime - 1 Grey - 1 Red - 1 Moca

5 x 160Q -- 1 White - 1 Black - 1 Red - 1 Blush - 1 Lime Green

5 x Hearts -- 1 Blush - 2 Red - 1 White - 1 Pink -

4 x 321Q -- 1 Yellow with tip - 1 lime no tip - 1 white no tip - 1 pink no tip

You will need to go to a designated room and make your model. There will be an invigilator in the room who will replace any balloons that you might burst in the process of making the model. They will ensure that only one person makes the model and when it is completed take a photograph and allocate a number to it. This will then be transferred into one of the public areas where they will all be displayed.
At a point in time which will be announced on the day, everyone at the convention will have an opportunity to vote for their favourite model.
Each person will have only one vote
The winner will be announced towards the end of the convention and will receive the title, a trophy and £100 worth of 260q balloons.
Each participant will have to provide their own balloon pump if they need one and may use one single colour marker pen to decorate their construction.
Each participant may also use an implement for cutting balloons but no other accessories are allowed, i.e glue dots, adheisve, spray multi colour pens etc.
Any models that violate any of the rules will be exhibited but not judged.
If there are any developments in the rules these will be made clear before the commencement of the competition to everyone taking part.

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