MARTIN GARDINER – Tips, tricks & ideas to inspire
the Family Entertainer

Join Martin Gardiner aka Magic Martin/Mr Eerius, for a look behind the scenes of how the Winner of the 2017 UK Family Entertainer of the Year, uses props and gimmicks to assist in the smooth running of his successful acts.

This jam packed lecture featuring practical tips, tricks and ideas for any family/children’s entertainer or indeed stage magician, Martin’s style (with plenty of funny faces) will leave you refreshed and inspired to move your shows forward.

Martin’s experience both in Children’s Entertainment and on the Cabaret Circuit, gives him a great insight into crossing over techniques to provide a polished fast paced acts for audiences of any age.

DOV CITRON – Anti-Bullying Sessions for Schools

Dov Citron aka Captain Calamity has developed a unique programme for primary schools to combat bullying which is supported by the Anti-Bullying Alliance.

In his unique workshop/lecture he will explain and demonstrate how he structures his Anti-Bullying sessions, what games, magic and interactive activities he uses. How he promotes discussion. How he targets the different year groups within Primary education ensuring each session is hitting messages that the children can grasp and act upon.

Dov will discuss how he approaches schools for work. How he makes a serious message engaging and fun. Who the Anti-Bullying Alliance are and how you can become an associate member and why ‘now’ is the right time for you to be using your skills as an entertainer to spread the message of Anti-Bullying by getting involved with schools in your area.

Further Lecture Information Here

ANDREAS MINZ – Character Creation for your Puppet

Andreas Minz aka Der Minze wowed the crowd at Ventarama with his buddy Lemgus in 2018, what a character he is!

If you have a puppet you are struggling to bring to life, or are new to the world of puppetry/ventriloquism, this lecture is for you, Andreas will be talking about the theory of building the character of a puppet by building stories and gags around it.

When he was younger, Andreas was a pro DJ based in West Berlin, this has given him great insight into reading his audience.  He started magic in 2001 and has written books for both close up and magic for kids.  In 2008 Andreas attended a ventriloquism lecture by Stevo Schüling, by 2009 Andreas had his first complete show with puppet.  The most important phrase he took on board from Stevo was…  “Know your audience!”

Fantastic lectures and workshops,
for the amazing price of £50…