CRAIG NEWTON – Making Balloons Entertaining

With 25 years experience of balloon twisting at events and shows, Craig Newton presents a 30 minute power workshop covering everyday balloons with Craig’s twist on them.

He will not only show you how to make them, but will cover:

  • how he incorporates them into his shows
  • how he uses balloons as a tool for crowd control
  • how to achieve the ‘Wow’ factor from balloons
  • how to make balloons entertaining with patter

Each balloon taught only takes 5 minutes or less to do, making them perfect for your shows and events!

CHRIS ‘FROSTIE’ FROST – Working with Spongeballs

Learn Frostie’s routine which can be applied to both close-up magic and stage, kids and adults.

Frostie will demonstrate two sponge ball routines, one is a classic sponge ball routine (which will get you incredible action photographs) the other is much more workable in the real world and easier to reset and is Frostie’s go to routine for both walkabout and stage.

Frostie taught Spongeballs to demonstrators for Marvin’s Magic in Hamleys (the worlds most famous toy shop) from 2012-2016, and performed sponge balls 5 days a week from 10am-6pm on a daily basis.  Frostie will teach you not just the basic handling, but how to manage your audience members for the best possible reactions!
Chris Frost has a very vibrant personality, love watching him perform, he is a joy to watch.” – Kieron Johnson

SHANE WEST – Introducing Puppets into Your Show

Shane ‘Zoobee’ West has been entertaining family audiences for the last 20 years  with his mixture of comedy magic and ventriloquism. Shane has also entertained and lectured at the worlds biggest ventriloquist convention in the USA.

In his workshop at Kidology, Shane will share ideas and tips on how to introduce puppets into your shows. He will cover silent puppet routines which require no ventriloquism skills and also for the ones that would like to add ventriloquism he will also give hints and tips on how to break into this amazing art-form.

If you have a puppet then be sure to bring it with you.

LISA OAKLEY – Mythical Beasts and How to Paint Them!

Lisa Oakley aka Ditzy Doodles has been doodling most of her life, from canvas to murals she accidentally fell into painting on living, breathing and ever so fidgety canvases and began face painting in 2009.  She loved the ‘WOW’ moments as soon as the kids would look in the mirror! Ditzy loved to make the kids giggle and soon found her calling for Children’s Entertainment and Balloon Twisting.

Lisa will show you, using one base shape, how to create the ever popular Unicorn/Allicorn and Dragon, sounds complicated, but it isn’t, you will leave the workshop ready to add them to your painting boards, she will also give hints & tips on making face painting entertaining, rather than feel like you’re a face painting conveyor belt!  Don’t forget to bring your painty kit!

OZZY D – O. M. G. Workshop!

Are you fed up of playing the same games over and over and over again?  Or, you may be an entertainer considering adding some games alongside your magic show to add extra value for your client?  Or are you a party host looking to add in new games to your package?

If you can answer YES to any of the above then you will be glad to know Kidology UK has Ozzy D’s O. M. G. Workshop!  What is O. M. G…..One Minute Games, they are great for head to head challenges and competitions, or if you have opt for team games simply choose an individual from each team and space them out through the party/event.  Perfect for opening a party, or as a fill in at larger events the O. M. G. Workshop is great for both the newbie and established entertainer.

LEIGH SUMPTER – Upselling with Slime

Are you looking to add fun workshops to your parties? Or perhaps as a stand alone service?

There are more and more ‘alternative’ party options available for families than ever before, creating more and more competition for the more ‘traditional’ style Children’s Entertainer, how can we offer something a little ‘different’ to what we usually offer?  This might just be a great solution to moving your business forward.  Upselling with Slime Workshop with Leigh Sumpter of Gunge Tank Hire, will give you an insight in how to make various types of slime, and most importantly how to make money from the ever popular Slime Workshop.